Alkis Interview

My last interview for the year 2013 i decided to be with Alkis. Definitely one of the most talented artists in Envato in my opinion. I just want to say a big thank you Alki for doing this. I really appreciate it. Evxaristo poli!(thank you very much).

1. How did you hear about Envato and what made you decide to open an account here?
I was reading a couple of Envato’s Net Tuts Plus tutorials when I stumbled upon the Audio Tuts Plus section and instantly fell in love with it. After uploading a few articles there, I was looking for ways to get out of a financial chaos as a Uni student back in 2011 and while browsing Envato’s projects and sites I thought I’d try audiojungle out. Didn’t have any sales for a whole year, but when I got one sale, I thought I’d keep uploading and see what happens…

2. What are your future goals?
To stay productive and creative no matter what I decide to do as a ‘job.’

3. Your favorite childhood memory.
Staying in the sea for hours without a single care in the world.

4. Your happiest day…so far : )
I don’t have a “happiest one”but a very happy recent one was finding out (through a friend’s SMS) that I passed my final Uni course exam, while waiting alone for my flight at an airport.
Also, meeting with people you’ve missed is always a very happy day…

5. What are your favorite and least favorite things about your country?

Favorite – probably the good weather and the simplicity of talking and hanging out with people close to you, while still being socially discrete. Least favorite would be the social and political corruption, mainly rooting to the oldest generation.

6. If you would choose any movie or story to be part of, which character would you be and why?

For lack of better ideas… The guy at any straight porn movie…?

7. Do you believe in fate or do you make your own future?
The latter of course!

8. What was your first computer?

Family PC, a Pentium 233Mhz – addicted with Tomb Raider 3, eJay, and Pinball.

9. What is your current setup?

Ableton Live, a laptop, a sound card – those are the basic things I work with right now and I find anything else kind of irrelevant– occasionally I bash a Novation SL MKII keyboard. I mainly use Ableton Live’s synths, and usually program or record my own drum sounds. I recently bought a good set of KRK sound monitors though and they’ve helped tons with the mixing process.

10. What advice would you give to the new members of Envato?

Be patient. No, really, be patient. Keep making music (or whatever you do in any marketplace), don’t lurk on the forums all day to get attention, improve your craft and carry on.

11. What is your approach and philosophy to work?

Work isn’t fun all the time, but if the result pumps up your dopamine levels, you’re doing something right, so keep working.

12. What keeps you motivated?
The constant urge to make music. Also, people around me who are doing creative or important stuff with their lives.

13. What are some sources of inspiration for you?
Mainly the music I listen to. Also random sounds I hear around me. I like found sounds a lot and they sometimes work as foundations of a song. I guess anything else that you experience can work as an ‘inspiration’ or influence.

14. Any words of wisdom to your readers?

Yes. You don’t need wisdom from a random stranger.

15. Which items would you like to display and why?
– Glitchy Logo 07 – cause it’s the logo that brought me major traffic

– Humanizing Technology – cause I think it’s a good blend between technological/commercial and modern electronic sound

– Indubitably Mellow – cause I still find the title funny (especially on a British accent), and it’s just solo piano which I always love as a sound

16. Favourite quote

I don’t have any favorites, but I recently heard this by George Watsky, “ ‘Don’t fall asleep yet. Contrary to popular belief, that’s not where dreams get accomplished.’”

17. Why that username?
It’s my name! Although it’s fun how most Scandinavians and Germans think it’s plural for “alki” which is slang for “alcoholic”!